Dominic Harris



Portrait of a City: Standing Very Still


The series, 'Portrait of a City: Standing Very Still' starts with an anonymous advert on an internet site asking for strangers to suggest a time, date and place within London zones 1 and 2 and then turn up and stand very still. The photographer then enters into an email dialogue to confirm details and exact position.

Each portrait takes place within 10 minutes of the time given and the chosen, unretouched image is sent by email to the participant with a consistent note thanking them for taking part in the project. Each work is labeled with a series number, the subject's first name (if they turned up), place, time and date.


link to black and white portraits | link to salt prints


Portrait of a City: Standing Very Still is available in two formats:


1. Digital PDF version for PC/Mac – only £5

This will be emailed to you within 24hrs of purchase.



2. Hardback book

134 pages, 9.5 x 8in
148gsm acid free uncoated paper


£65 (+ p&p)

Delivery is approximately 3 weeks from order.


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